Rugged 4x4 Utility Vehicles

Flexible enough to meet many demands. Tough enough to withstand your greatest challenges.

Many four-wheel drive utility vehicles can’t take the heat on construction and industrial sites, and have dangerous speeds of up to 50 mph. Their manual four-wheel drive systems can have drivers stuck before they even know there’s a problem. Their steel frames rust. And many of the vehicles have poorly-designed air intakes that can cause clogging and possibly early engine failure.

Purpose-Built For Tough Applications

Carryall four-wheel drive 4×4 utility vehicles solve these problems with:

Ease of Operation. Our IntelliTrak™ automatic four-wheel drive system senses the ground it’s on and shifts as needed. That means drivers don’t have to anticipate trouble, then fumble with levers and buttons.

Unsurpassed Durability. Our rustproof, corrosion-resistant aircraft grade aluminum frames stop rust in its tracks, yet are engineered to resist impact better than steel frames. And our suspensions systems are built to carrying heavy loads, not to accommodate high speeds. After all, Carryall 4×4 work vehicles max out at less than 25 mph (40 kph). No hot rodding.

Clean Air Intake and CVT Covers. Unlike most competitive vehicles with air intake systems that sit low to the ground on the rear of the vehicle, Carryall work utility vehicles pull air into the engine though chassis tubes 29 inches (74 cm) above the ground on the front of the vehicle, where much less dust is generated. CVT covers keep the clutches clean.

Available with Gasoline or Diesel Powertrains.

Carryall 1500

An all-around, high-performance machine, featuring our exclusive IntelliTrak™ four-wheel-drive system.

Carryall 1700

Get additional seating without sacrificing cargo capacity with the original, full-size work-crew vehicle.

Carryall 1500 Intellitach

The most versatile utility vehicle on the market with our hydraulic quick-attachment system.

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