Golf Cart Accessories

Here at Nicks Custom Golf Cars, we manufacture high quality accessories like enclosures, windshields, and custom upholstery for the Club Car Precedent and DS models. Some of these items are unique to our company as we make them here in Benicia, California.

Golf Cart Enclosures

Enclosures for Golf Cars

Weather enclosures for your golf car will help keep you out of the cold and wet weather. A must for the die-hard golfer or for when Golf Carts are used as a second car.

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Rear Seat Kits

Rear Seat Kits for Golf Carts

We have a few different styles of rear seat kits, most have been tried and tested on our own rental fleet.


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Cargo Beds Kits

Cargo Beds for Club Car golf carts

A cargo bed kit is a great way to inexpensively turn a golf car into a small work truck.


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Carpet for Golf Carts

Our removable carpet floor mat is a handy way of dressing up the car, while giving you the option to remove it for cleaning purposes.

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Dashes for Club Car Golf Carts

Custom dashes are a great way to add style to your golf car while also providing an out of sight place to put items. Some even have locking doors to secure important items like a wallet or purse.

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Underseat Storage

Underseat Storage Trays for Club Car Golf Carts

A great accessory for storing small items out of sight. Just lift the seat.



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Black Canopy Top Upgrade

Black Canopy Top for Club Car Golf Carts

The black canopy to is a great option when you have upholstered seats and are left with a beige or white canopy that does not match the rest of your cart. Black is a great color and ties in with the color of the 360 degree bumbers and the rest of the natural black accents of the Club Car Precedent model.

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Seat Upholstery and Covers

seat upholstry

Upholstered seats are a beautiful way to dress up your cart, and our custom, T3A cloth seats, are far superior in comfort to a stock vinyl seat. Plus check out our sheep skin seat covers.

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Canopy Trim

Canopy Trim for Club Car Precedent & DS Models

Trim your canopy top with some color and add a visor at the same time.

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Stereos for Club Car Precedent & DS Models

Add a stereo to your car to have the ultimate in golf car entertainment. Available with iPod® & iPhone® inputs)

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Ball & Club Cleaner

Ball & Club Cleaners for Club Car Golf Carts

A must have for the golfer who plays in the winter. Keep your equipment clean with this handy accessory.



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Coolers for Club Car Golf Carts

We offer an assortment of coolers to make your golfing experience more enjoyable.


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Golf Bag Rain Cover

Golf Bag Rain Cover for Club Car Golf Carts

Perfect for when you don't want to miss a great day of golf due to a chance of precipitation.

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Sand & Seed Bottles

Sand and Seed Bottles for Club Car Golf Carts

Show your support of golf course maintenance with this handy bottle used for repairing your divot.

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Utility Trays

Golf Bag Rain Cover for Club Car Golf Carts

This accessory will provide a handy place to put things you use often.

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Battery Watering System

Single point watering systems for Golf Carts

Take the guess work out of filling your batteries while extending their life.



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Custom Wheels

Custom Wheels for Golf Cart

Try one of our custom wheel sets to make your cart stand out.


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