Four Passenger "Flip-Flop" Vehicle

Four Passenger

You will have a cart that is multi functional with this very popular option. This kit, when installed, permanently converts your 2 passenger cart into 4 passenger with the ability to flip down the rear seat at anytime and haul cargo on the flatbed. This is a extremely versatile option.






** Photo shown has the optional rear seat "Flip Flop" in the "down position" **
***Click photo for larger image***


Features & Benefits

  • Allows for front 2 passengers to face forward and still have room for cargo in the back.
  • Enables owners of 2 passenger Club Car Precedents' to upgrade without buying a new cart.
  • will need additional parts in order to cary golf clubs (rear hand rail & bag rack assembly)

Combo Car (flip-flop) Combo Car (flip-flop) with seat down Combo Car (flip-flop) from front