Converted Models

Cargo Bed

Cargo bed conversion

Adding a cargo box to a golf car is a great way to make a handy utility vehicle out of a standard golf car. With a standard tailgate, this fixed cargo bed is easy to load and unload your favorite cargo. Available for most makes and models of golf cars. For more info on this conversion option, click "Cargo Bed" on toolbar to the right.


4 Passenger

Four Passenger

If purchasing a new 4 passenger vehicle doens't fit for you, try converting your 2 passenger vehicle to a 4 passenger vehicle. We have factory Club Car Kits that will transform your Club Car into a Villager 4, or we have after market options for most makes and models, that will do the same job at a slighly lower cost.


Flip Flop

Four Passenger “Flip Flop” - Rear seat folds down into a flatbed

The "Flip-Flop" conversion is a great way to have a four passenger, with an optional flatbed all built in. How it works is the rear seat folds out into



Stretch 4 Passenger Facing Forward

Carryall 6

All 4 passengers have room for more that the 2 passenger cart, but with this conversion you can all ride facing forward, and you dont have to add a rear bag rack to the back of the cart, cause the stock bag rack and sweater basket are still in-tact.



Lifted Vehicle

Need more ground clearance or just want your cart to look cool, than a lift kit conversion is what you need.